Benny Bones


Session Goals: Outsmark Someone, Help a poor person, free a slave, throw someone out a window
Long Term Goal: subvert the will of the aristocracy, plan and execute a heist,
Life Time Goals:Steal enough to purchase a retirement homestead, buy safe house in town,


Born into poverty, Benny did not have a stable relationship with his family. He was not given much of an education and was apprenticed to a cheesewright at a young age. Hungry and tired, he began
stealing from his employer, but was caught and fired after stealing several of the expensive wheels. It was then that young Benny realized that he could live a better life as a thief than as a hard working commoner. Most of his childhood was spent between pickpocketing and spending time in detention centers. As the years past he was grew stealthier and eventually learned under several “master” thief , as well as wizards in exchange for favors that only a thief could provide. Over the years Bennet has taken numerous jobs and roles as a spy, scout, thief, prisoner, clerk, mage and nobility.


Bennet was born to humble beginnings, but does not like to admit it. He gives the air of a sociable person that prefers to live the high life from all the riches and gold he has collected, but is conformable living a spartan life.


Bennet is a man of unremarkable description or features, but makes up for it in other clothing. He prefers black and shades of deep navy. When in the company of nobility, he will display gold rings and chains, as well as a pair of silvered daggers, but otherwise won’t wear them. He walks with confidence. Left to his own devices he is not violent, but will turn to it if forced. He has collected a number of spells so he doesn’t have to get into altercations.


Benny Bones

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