Flying Ships


Airships are used by wealthy merchants and nobles to quickly travel between cities. Airships require docks in order to land so the routes between which they fly are limited. Typically, they only visit large cities and capital cities. Airships typically cover 120 miles per day, depending on weather and cargo load. Under optimal conditions, an airship can maintain a speed of 180 miles per day.

Airships are roughly the same size as ocean-fairing vessels and have crews that range from 15 to 30 people in size.

The cost to ride aboard an airship as a lower-class passenger between cities is 2sp per mile (24gp per day). This cost does not include food and requires the passenger to share a room with a small group. For an upper-class passenger the price is 5sp per mile (60gp per day) which includes food and a private room.


Common Knowledge
Airships are powered by magic. The crew typically includes a wizard who maintains whatever spells are used to keep the machine airborne. Whenever the ship lands at the port, it is ‘refueled’ before taking off again. This probably has something to do with the magic wearing out during flight.

Airship travel is extremely expensive, but also extremely fast. A trip that might take 2 weeks by road can be covered in just a few days by air. However, there are some places that airships refuse to fly, so foot travel is still necessary to get to a lot of places.

Some people choose to work on the crew for a ship rather than pay to be a passenger. This isn’t as easy to do as it sounds; you have to have some skill that the captain needs.

Flying Ships

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