History of Kaedra

The detailed history of Kaedra is not common knowledge, but some terms are often cited as landmarks of the accomplishments of the sentient races.

Age of Power:
During this time the sentient races were found all over the world. Travel between continents was common, and even the poorest of people lived like kings. Magic and technology allowed for near miraculous achievements, and it was during this time that the most remote parts of the world were settled.

Little is known of this time due to the calamitous end that befell it.

World Blight:
The World Blight marked the end of the Age of Power. A disease broke out and quickly spread far and wide. The origin of the disease is unknown, as well as why it was so devastating in the face of the technology and magic of the Age of Power. Though it is suspected that the disease was magical, others say it was divine, others demonic, and others say it was made as a tool for war.

Whatever the cause, the effects were profound. Within a single (human) generation the population of every living creature was decimated. Governments crumbled, trade was haulted, ecomonies crashed, and countless knowledge was lost. The lucky few who survived scraped together to rebuilt their world.

During this time the world effectively started over. It is unclear exactly how long this age lasted. Disease still threatened communities, wild-life was scarce, and plants were sickly and bore little fruit. Scavenging and raiding were the resort of many communities, it was the difference between life and death. What little knowledge and technology survived through the World Blight was further destroyed now, tossed to the side in the face of starvation.

It was during this time that kingdoms began to form, but it would be years before they began to interact and longer still before a common year would be established.

Continental Wars:
As the kingdoms grew they began to dispute land claims. Wars and alliances were formed, and when faced with an enemy that could be killed with a sword technologies and magics once again began to flourish. Roads were built to allow armies to patrol large swaths of land; naval ships were constructed to move soldiers around natural barriers; universities were constructed to design spells and engines of war. Many great kings were slain, many smaller kingdoms crushed, but eventually the thirst for war began to take its tole on the populations.

The official end of the Continental Wars came about in 1208c.r. (common reckoning) with the maiden voyage of the S.S. Windhorn. This was the first, and only, sky ship to traverse the continent non-stop. It left the Praradian city of Evermore and landed, two weeks later, in the Arboan Republic capital city of Hmong. At first regarded as a new engine of war, it was attacked by Langley forces but refused to return fire. It landed and was immediately taken into custody along with its crew of 50 sailors and its cargo of spices, gold, art, stone, metals, and silks.

This trip became known as the Dove Flight, and marked the beginning of trade negotiations that established economic ties, and peace, among the major kingdoms. Though lesser vassals still sought to settle disputes with neighboring nobles, and though the kingdoms still dealt with the discontentedness of orcs, goblins, and drow the large scale wars between empires came to an end.

It has been nearly 3 decades since peace was officially established between the civil nations.

History of Kaedra

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