During the Reconstruction several hundred kingdoms formed and during the Age of War they were dissolved either by military conquest or through alliances. The continent of Verdange is currently divided into 7 major kingdoms. Some races, especially orc, goblins, and drow, observe the existence of other kingdoms. There are also plenty of lesser-kings and warlords who refuse to swear allegiance to the established kings, though the battles they fight are relatively minor.

Major Kingdoms

The eastern kingdom from the central isle, this is the only kingdom under a matriarchy.

Arboan Republic:
The western kingdom of Verdange.

The northern island of Verdange is named after this kingdom which lays claim to it.

The southern tip of the eastern island. It is considered to have the most advanced navy, but the least advanced magic.

The north-central kingdom on the main island that is governed by city-states.

Sto Bawa:
The norther section of the eastern island.

The south-central kingdom of the main isle. It is ruled by dwarves, though most of the citizens are human and halfling.


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